eBesucher jackpot for advertisers

What is the eBesucher jackpot?

The eBesucher jackpot is rendered through the eBesucher addon. By visiting a click campaign, the addon places a jackpot icon on the advertised website. Clicking on the icon will reward the visitor with points. For each website visit, up to 5 jackpot icons will be shown to the visitor.

How can I benefit from the eBesucher jackpot?

Advertisers benefit from the eBesucher jackpot, as it generates additional attention from the website visitors. In addition, a click on the jackpot prize icon always means a click on the advertised website. If the jackpot icon is placed over a clickable element or a link, the element will be clicked, if the visitor hits the jackpot!

eBesucher Jackpot

How can I activate the eBesucher jackpot?

The eBesucher jackpot works through the eBesucher bidding, it is calculated through your bid. The higher the bid of your advertising campaign, the more often the jackpot will appear. In order to make it more likely for the jackpot to appear, the bid should be placed above the average bid. Campaigns that are running with the minimum bid are unable to activate the jackpot, as the system is unable to allocate any points for the jackpot. More information on how the eBesucher jackpot is calculated can be found in the FAQ, see what is the price for a visitor?.

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