Stretching the back – exercise 1

If you have done exercises where you make use of your back, it is recommended to stretch your back after the workout. For that, get into the quadrupeds position and push your back upwards so that you have a slightly hunched back. Remain in this position for 20 seconds and repeat the exercise after a short break of 15 seconds.


ahmedpepsi 06.12.2021 05:07
I absolutely love that

Ahmedtawfik 01.06.2021 04:17
Stretching for bady

korkor 29.05.2021 00:23
love this one I tell you - keep calm!

wizzo 30.04.2021 14:18
very fun and simple

afsaneh_zkh 25.03.2021 20:55
yoga is the best

jamalamapili 07.01.2021 17:22
Even 30 sec is enough

SouzaFilho 24.11.2020 00:24
squats, are the best exercises I know for the legs

Edip1 09.07.2020 13:43
Big calm! Stay quiet!

HimSan 08.07.2020 11:33
good for health

donmoyero 20.06.2020 05:41
its good helps to relax the back