IBM Simon

Telecommunication & Mobile Phones

Smartphones were invented in the new millenium? Take a second guess! The first smartphone was released by IBM in 1994. The IBM Simon could be operated exclusively via the display and IBM sold about 50.000 units.


Dixi 18.05.2022 14:51
The future is smart indeed,but the past was smarter

seifachou3 13.04.2022 15:17
Increible el cambio a la comunicaciómn actual

Longkaka 23.01.2022 16:11
Càng ngày càng tuyệt vời

WanderWolf 17.01.2022 09:22
nice progress anyway

vladimir2303200 18.12.2021 01:32
Хорошая идея что он снова появится

NOGOVA 16.12.2021 22:29
Wow impresionante pero Leo no me entero

srvt 09.12.2021 19:32
The future is smart indeed,but the past was smarter

Avals21 27.11.2021 21:55
no sabia de eso interesante

Fernandacf325 27.10.2021 14:11
O bisavô do smartphone rsrs, muito bom

pinkmousepad 19.10.2021 07:10
nice fun fact! interesting gonna for sure let someone know i know this now 😄