IBM Simon

Telecommunication & Mobile Phones

Smartphones were invented in the new millenium? Take a second guess! The first smartphone was released by IBM in 1994. The IBM Simon could be operated exclusively via the display and IBM sold about 50.000 units.


cherie 01.04.2020 13:06
супер телефон, эхххх

DIMITRIOSKLONOS 24.01.2020 17:00
This was all the more amazing when one considers the short space of time......!

Satanevich 24.10.2019 10:52
i'd like to have one

trinh_bach 25.08.2019 09:51
i think it's a good phone!

elena_kabaeva 13.01.2019 17:18
было время

mamoundi 20.12.2018 08:35
The progress is moving with the third cosmic speed.

wachin95 13.12.2018 23:38
Wao! un modelito a la antigua

lumicris 11.06.2018 22:33
interesting information

papa_elbee 10.06.2018 13:50
I want one.

Spicul 27.05.2018 18:02
Когда то это было круто!