Extend the Battery Life of Your Mobile

Telecommunication & Mobile Phones

Smartphones are modern allrounders that often come with a low battery life which hardly lasts for 24 hours. What you can do to prevent running out of power at short notice, is to disable the GPS and Wi-Fi, whenever possible. Dim the brightness of your screen and close all idle and unneeded apps. This will save RAM memory and CPU power and you will have to charge your phone less often.


Berbenq 07.05.2020 23:23
good ol' nokia 3310 😁

ilkhomjon_tojiboyev 27.04.2020 13:28
Battery extending is good

diego_de_jesus 16.04.2020 03:25
Minha bateria não aguenta 6hrs

OliverTwo 03.04.2020 06:33
Gostei bastante.

morenadeby15 02.04.2020 06:46
otima marca, uma das melhores, eu uso

Malik8639 01.03.2020 00:54
really good thing

albert922 20.02.2020 02:38
very interesting

silvija 18.02.2020 05:07
Interesnyje fakty

franklin4207 21.12.2019 10:04
very nice thank you

Xoommit 16.12.2019 22:07
Yes it works, stop all things you don't need.