Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey's parents got divorced when she was about three years old. While she lived with her mother, her older sister Allison grew up with her father. Mariah Carey worked through her parent's divorce through music and became one of the most successful singers worldwide. Her sister Allison on the other hand, slipped into the drug scene and worked as a prostitute. There are rumors about her having bribed a policeman with intercourse.


nargesnamdar 16.07.2021 23:20
She is amazing and gorgeous

gheorghe_bujor 23.06.2021 01:12
Ador tare mult melodiile ei.

Jublion 10.04.2021 18:15
Shows how much our surroundings matter

juan_rodriguez13 28.03.2021 04:44
Boas canções e bela cantora.

SixAnaliza 26.02.2021 12:26
There are many sad stories from broken families....I hope parents can see the consequences!

Cadamdan 22.01.2021 16:54
Rumors are boring and cause frustration, which should not be given opportunities for envy

elasar68 19.01.2021 10:02
best singer. love it

PriddyPrepared 12.01.2021 07:45
Queen of christmas

mohamedbourhayal 15.07.2020 00:50
i love she is wonderfull

july1452 13.07.2020 08:07
a great american singer