Application Foto

In the world of today, application photos become more and more relevant and can be of crucial importance when it comes to your chances of filling an open position. In this regard, we recommend you to make an appointment with a professional photographer. Important to note: You should smile on the picture, so that you leave a friendly and likeable impression. In case that you do not make it to a professional photographer, use a high-resolution photo with a neutral background.


RenataSilva1998 24.06.2022 00:27
Imagem de excelente qualidade

sonia_andrei 20.04.2022 15:24
Le foto è un arte

Cibre 12.03.2022 15:01
La fotografia ... Un'arte !

aasif_ali 09.02.2022 08:32
Truly high-resolution photos

a06271008 23.12.2021 10:54
Take a picture of Meimei

chebs 24.10.2021 09:07
nice i love this concept

ivani_matos 19.08.2021 03:06
very pleasant to photograph

Ebooksoftwear 05.07.2021 18:24
I am becoming a real PRO at take photos!

hadisdadashi 29.06.2021 19:15
photograohy is a type of life and its not a job or hoby its life

my life

Nabiy63sharifi 10.04.2021 23:12
عجیبن وغریبا