Just do something


Eon0825 26.07.2022 03:43
Yeah!!never limit yourself!

Farzadtaheriiii 01.11.2021 19:53
The best &important

Zayedhasan99 28.07.2021 03:07
جميل جدا

fay123 10.05.2021 10:43
sports are the best way m

to unwind

afsaneh_zkh 10.04.2021 16:35
movement is great

zxcv1234zxc 06.02.2021 15:57
Good sport.Good sport.

Cross2019 16.01.2021 07:26
Okay, good sport

amarendra_sasmal 12.12.2020 10:28
Our health is our wealth, and this is the real fact what I think. Most of the time we people engaged our selfs to earn more and more money to run our life better and smoothly,and to make ourself wealthy than others.There is no doubt money is very essential for us to sustain a good life but still than money is not everything in our life, as beacuse to maintain a good life we most have to maintain a good health also.

If we do not maintain a good health , the whole wealth we have collected through out our life is fruitless, beacuse a wick and illed person can not enjoy his life happyly.

I think my opinion is mostly acceptable by you. Thank you.

Thrashingron 20.06.2020 10:57
Yes.......sports is verry good and hobby's

beba17 18.06.2020 11:59
That is very important!