Patient: "Doctor, I am slowly losing my memory!"

Doctor: "Since when?"
Patient: "Since when what?"


Bird2030 06.07.2022 09:44
nice i love this

Bahram017 27.01.2022 17:40
Nice one friend

kunal4all 24.01.2022 03:46
Nice one friend

RAIKO 13.10.2021 15:13
nice one we could use it with the girlfriend

spainishuge1 07.05.2021 16:14
oh my god i got altzeihmer

afsaneh_zkh 15.03.2021 10:52
amazing. so helpful

hrnakgn 04.11.2020 23:13
That could be my best present for me if i could losing my memory.......! FOR EVER.....!

elity_neves 03.11.2020 07:01
cuidadoo em responde

tammy2020 28.09.2020 12:38
funny and hillaious

garfield1977 13.09.2020 20:51
Oh boy. Now you're truly losing it.