Take initiative

Certainly, the expectations of the men's world are not very fair. It's often the man that has to make the first step when it comes to flirting. And that fact might bring pressure to men. Especially, if your dream woman is within your reach and your adrenaline increases to a high level. But be brave and dare taking the initiative!


Vakarjois 18.06.2020 23:46
it should be so, because women can only use feelings, while men use reason to lure women on the contrary so do women prioritize persaan to lure men

Leta 13.03.2019 13:24
I always have to make that first step or move men are too shy

PrinplupRocks 23.06.2017 23:15

biznespogodzinach 09.05.2017 22:26

Lairdkeir 24.11.2016 06:56
What an insipid piece