Make eye contact

Do you think that men can read minds? We neither! So if you want to get to know a man better, you need to communicate that in a certain way. In order to find out if he is interested you can first make eye contact. In general, men are looking for those signs. If he responds to your hints, chances are good that he will contact you in due course.


palomar 18.06.2020 07:17
always make aye contact

vizgaityte 06.12.2019 07:25
Глаза не лгут!

hamzaessanhaji 02.12.2019 02:51
eye contact is essentiel in love

Kelvin2017 25.05.2018 00:16
Nice one

strs7 19.02.2018 04:53

gopiammu 24.01.2017 12:37
best love