Don't give excuses a chance!

"Damn ... there is no chance that I can date this woman!" or "Well, she seems quite nice but I don't think she's single" are lame excuses. You just don't dare to approach your sweetheart. Don't look for reasons for not talking to her but rather focus on the opportunities that allow you to get in touch! You have nothing to lose but perhaps something to win: her phone number or even a date.


DIMITRIOSKLONOS 25.01.2020 15:52
so we're rushing to the roast ...... and ..... we need ..... a good hunt ....!

imbafjant 01.09.2019 00:05
So true, I always think that. And of course it's because I'm a chicken.

petre1973 02.01.2018 12:17

dor7123 24.06.2017 13:50
nice paint