Staying true to oneself

Adapting and paying attention to the wishes of the counterpart is indeed appropriate. But please in a healthy way and not to the point of self-abandonment. Especially in long-term relationships such habits unconsciously may creep in. They can even destroy the bond when not recognized at the early stage. Stay always true to yourself! Not least, because your companion got to know you as an individual personality and fell in love with you for that reason. If you give up these qualities you are maybe not interesting for your partner anymore.


Eon0825 18.09.2022 04:41
believe in yourself first before you can believe others..

Ermi7 04.09.2022 08:41
yes beliving in self is a way to succes

Dixi 18.05.2022 15:39
being honest to yourself!

Ola98 17.11.2021 18:15
Верьте в себя

Ezzat 16.05.2021 22:44
Staying true to oneself Give strength to yourself

afsaneh_zkh 18.04.2021 11:25
being honest to yourself!

akambagro 25.01.2021 02:28
Always stay true to yourself

Cadamdan 22.01.2021 18:50
Attention, preaching the party and overcoming the normal mistakes is the reason for the success of married life

Koman92 04.12.2020 11:07
Waw cool

renan_petit 24.08.2020 02:31
i believe in God