Mutual trust

Are you jealous when your lover goes out without you? A little jealousy can even be flattering for the partner because you show that you do not like the idea of sharing in that context. But if you tend to spy or even to rummage through the mobile phone of your partner you have a serious confidence problem. If there are no proved reasons for the opposite, you should trust your companion and avoid too much restriction. Mutual trust is one of the key prerequisites for a solid relationship.


MoeinT27 15.08.2022 09:06
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fl2022 17.06.2022 15:55
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Keylantaisigue 11.05.2022 22:48
Saber amar es lo mejor

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gdcn 02.03.2021 08:26
Life cannot go on without love

akambagro 25.01.2021 02:29
Mutual trust is one of the most important prerequisites for building a strong relationship.

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