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The body mass index (BMI) is an indicator that evaluates a humans body weight in relation to his size. The BMI does not take aspects into account, that seem relevant for a generally applicable formula, since body traits such as stature, sex or the proportion of fat and muscle tissue naturally vary for each human being. Critics therefore say that its scientific relevance is questionable. Interesting fact: Studies show that people who are in a relationship, often have a higher BMI than singles.


AssetMann 11.04.2022 03:54
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djoni 28.01.2022 13:21
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etelfort 25.08.2021 18:57
I ate to much rice!!!!

LeonardoAla 26.07.2021 04:53
Cuidar nuestro cuerpo es demostrar que tanto nos queremos

spainishuge1 02.06.2021 16:21
i am obese i can not move from a chair

korkor 29.05.2021 01:10
Keeping in shape and looking good

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kadi41 05.04.2021 19:21
Better to maintain your weight

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losing weight is hard

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Be in shape to be happy