Volkswagen Beetle


The Volkswagen Beetle was manufactured between 1938 and 2003. WIth more than 21 million sold units, it has for long been considered the most-manufactured car in the world.

Maximum Performance

44 hp

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

+ 20s

Maximum speed

+ 100 km/h

Engine capacity

ca. 1000 cm³


Ulice03 19.01.2023 13:07
En su momento fue por mucho una maravilla de la tecnología del automóvil

Ermi7 28.08.2022 08:10
much love for this Volkswagen Beetle

MoeinT27 15.08.2022 09:02
Classic and attractive

Taalay 05.07.2022 04:43
Очень полезная информация

mehdikazemi656 05.07.2022 00:32
wery wery wery good

fl2022 17.06.2022 11:13
Great Volkswagen Beetle!

Longkaka 23.01.2022 16:09
Xe này rất đẹp moi người mua nhé

Mysticriver420 16.01.2022 23:45
A true classic. Still a favorite for many people. Beautiful car.

jonathansarria 18.11.2021 10:23
simplmente Hermosoooo

v3wsdmais 01.05.2021 03:48
Eu ja tive um desse e nunca me deixou na mao um carro que deixou saudades!