188.000 Euro for a Volkswagen

When the 21-year old Benjamin Halbe from Germany purchased a used VW Golf in January 2005 for little money, he did not know that this would become the deal of his life. He quickly learned that the previous owner of the car was none other than the future Pope Benedict XVI! When the German known as Joseph Ratzinger accepted to become the head of the catholic church, the lucky car owner placed the vehicle on eBay and achieved a sales price of 188,938.66 Euro!


akhanne 28.08.2020 02:46
Volkswagen I love this car

Lawalfataikola 23.08.2020 22:20
I love this car

eph2leo 21.08.2020 13:12
Bate it still run even now

Gukkevdv 06.08.2020 13:55
It's an amazing car

Lawalfataikola 04.08.2020 23:19
I love having it

Lee1808 24.07.2020 14:13
What a nice car and story.

Erastus 10.07.2020 13:53
This guy really got lucky

Chriz21 19.06.2020 14:21
This car is super awesome

Mofarouk 13.06.2020 21:03
sooooo Beutifula car i lke it

Mofarouk 13.06.2020 21:01
I love It !!