188.000 Euro for a Volkswagen

When the 21-year old Benjamin Halbe from Germany purchased a used VW Golf in January 2005 for little money, he did not know that this would become the deal of his life. He quickly learned that the previous owner of the car was none other than the future Pope Benedict XVI! When the German known as Joseph Ratzinger accepted to become the head of the catholic church, the lucky car owner placed the vehicle on eBay and achieved a sales price of 188,938.66 Euro!


Adilsaafis 08.10.2021 16:35
سيارة جميلة انا احبها

vksadish 31.08.2021 16:15
I love cars this one

ivani_matos 19.08.2021 03:20
I love cars especially this one

Daya27 06.08.2021 16:07
Buena marca de carro

Mmmmbn 20.07.2021 01:19
Oh oh it is good

idrisa47 12.07.2021 23:00
vw nice car i love it

Thinesu 17.06.2021 07:18
It's a nice gar

liviu_stoicescu 28.04.2021 20:58
cool invention but traffic kills

hbikendi 27.04.2021 11:58
in love with cars

juan_rodriguez13 17.04.2021 02:47
que sorte grande!