There are more than 3500 known subspecies of which more than 100 are native in Europe. Female mosquitoes require a protein-rich blood meal so that they can lay eggs. According to the World Health Organization, about 1 million humans die every year because of mosquito-borne diseases. These inconspicuous insects are thus considered the most dangerous non-human species in the world.




Worldwide, except North and South Pole as well as Deserts


Tarea325 15.01.2021 17:36
Danger inspect for human life

gulaaren 08.01.2021 14:13
don't like mosquitoes

tommy_williams 24.09.2020 00:21
small but deadly

h37137157 11.08.2020 16:41
so it's amazing

Lawalfataikola 04.08.2020 22:41
They give malaria when socking your blood

Jayant1322 01.08.2020 12:29
I don't like mosquitoes

marjmarj 15.06.2020 10:44
small but terrible

jenilisa 08.06.2020 12:52
mosquitoes are insects

Gbemi 28.05.2020 15:28
Dangerous but small

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oh my goddd he is so powerful