European Viper


The European Viper (Vipera berus) is part of the family of vipers and one of the few venomous snakes that has also settled in Europe. The snake is very shy and passive but a bite may cause respiratory or circulatory problems up to paralysis. However, the venom is not lethal for humans.




Asia, Central and Northern Europe


Avals21 27.11.2021 21:33
se ve intimidante

ojosdealmendra 03.11.2021 22:52
odio las serpientes

RAIKO 13.10.2021 19:43
so scary i hate them

ivani_matos 11.08.2021 21:19
In my country it is Jararaca, but this one is too beautiful.

ivani_matos 11.08.2021 21:18
very dangerous in my country

joao_pedro_valle 06.08.2021 16:29
i didnt like snakes

Domoina 21.07.2021 14:26
c'est dangereux

aleviry2001 12.07.2021 20:39
se ve interesante!!

Vybze 01.06.2021 04:53
Very good in nature

fnbarcel 05.05.2021 07:43
são lindas e encantadoras, mas prefiro-as distantes de mim