Topic: Click Campaigns: Questions & Info

djoni 30.01.2018 17:17
The most important info regarding the click campaigns have been explained in the eBesucher blog and newsletter. Beneath we will answer you further questions and give you further advice.

Where can I find the interest areas / the click campaigns?

I visit the area of ​​interest, but I do not see any click campaigns?
  • Make sure you are logged in.
  • Check if you have activated the interest areas in the members area.
  • Do not connect yourself through a VPN but a physical retail provider, as else the campaigns will not load.
  • Make sure the connection test succeeds when calling the area of ​​interest (javaScript and images) and disable tools like AbBlockPlus.
  • Note: It can be that there are no click campaigns available for you, check back later.

I see the ads, but I don't get any points
  • There may be problems with the redirect. Please test if the same error exists in another browser.

I see the click ads, but no screenshot is loaded.
  • The advertiser did not upload an ad and the screenshot has not yet been created automatically. However, the campaign can still be clicked and confirmed.

How do I load an ad for my click campaign?
  • Create a click ad and visit your ad campaign in the portal for advertisers, see Visitors > Manage Campaigns. Upload image to save your ad, it will be online directly


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