Topic: Where are my payment? [9 Days after]

MoraiZ 03.09.2017 15:00
Por favor, me ajude.


djoni 06.09.2017 08:30
I double checkled and all the open payouts have been processed by now.

We appreciate your patience!

cashtreamnhaho2012h 18.10.2017 03:22
I can't receive my payment now. Please check again, djoni.
Last payment is Oct 10th

djoni 18.10.2017 16:13
I will inquire with my colleague. Your payment will be processed shortly, thank you for your patience!

lennui2016 19.10.2017 12:18
Thanks a lots, Djoni

djoni 19.10.2017 15:39
You are welcome! All payments have been processed by now.