Topic: My payment ???

imMorais 26.07.2017 13:15
My payment??

djoni 28.07.2017 21:34
Your payment will be processed within 7 days after you have asked for a payout. Thank you for your patience!

nelsonrodbig 11.01.2018 11:50
proof of payment
Good morning, esteemed administrator, I notify that I have received my first payment from this prestigious page, ..Many thanks and that the successes continue.:D:D:D

djoni 15.01.2018 19:03
Thank you for your feedback. We hope that many more payouts will follow for you!

hoitanh2016 21.05.2018 15:06
Please check my payment from May 11th.

djoni 23.05.2018 15:53
Your payment has been processed by now.

hoitanh2016 23.05.2018 23:29
Thanks alot, Djoni

hoitanh2016 30.06.2018 08:25
Please check my payment from Jun 25th.

djoni 30.06.2018 20:33
Please note that it can take up to seven days until your payment gets processed. I will check back on Tuesday but i am sure everything will be settled until then.