Topic: Payment Proofs

gigicobianu 23.09.2012 14:25
Thank you for the fast payment! Here is the proof:

saifi88 23.09.2012 18:12

gigicobianu 25.10.2012 15:56
Thank you for the 2nd instant payment! Here's the proof: link

elenacosor 01.02.2013 17:52
My 1st Payment
Thank you for my 1st payment! Here is the proof

dorothyjoytope 05.02.2013 02:43
Your welcome..

Pattaraporn2010 07.02.2013 16:38
First my payment too...


gigicobianu 13.02.2013 16:33
The next payment - got paid in a few hours. Thank you! Here's the proof

gigicobianu 18.04.2013 06:08
Thank you for the next payment - received it in a few hours as standard member. The proof here

gigicobianu 23.05.2013 08:27
Thank you for another payment1 Honest admin! The proof is here

gigicobianu 07.08.2013 11:32
Thank you for the July Payment. Please, excuse me for being late. July and August

gigicobianu 14.08.2013 18:10
August, 2013 payment. Thank you! Here's the proof.