What is a mail exchange?

eBesucher mail exchange

The mail exchange on eBesucher is the first mail exchange in the true sense of the word. The uniqueness is that the system is based on receiving emails and does not require, like many others, to access links that are sent by email. Receiving and reading emails on eBesucher.de is part of the exchange.

How the mail exchange works

How it works: the emails that the visitor receives are sent in HTML format. By loading images that are located in the advertising email, the recipient confirms the receipt of the mail and at the same time receives the mail points.

The points that you earn this way can be directly reinvested into your own mail campaign! Sending out advertising emails costs you at least 1 point. Note that you get a bonus of 10 points for signing up on ebesucher, thus you can start sending your personalized advertising email right away.

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