How the mail exchange works

Receive mail exchange emails

In order to receive exchange mails, you can activate the mail exchange in the members area, see Mails > Settings. Here you can define the number of emails you wish to receive per day, as well as your personal interests. The received mails can be accessed in the members area, see Mails > Inbox, else we can sent them to your external email account.

As soon as all settings have been applied, you are actively participating in the mail exchange and will receive your first exchange mails in the foreseeable future.

Mail Exchange Settings

Confirming the received mails depends on the mail-type. Here, a distinction is made between emails that are supposed to be read, and emails that require an additional click on a URL, see:

Mail-type and earnings

A standard marketing email only requires that the mail is opened and the content is loaded. Once this has been done, a green box will appear at the bottom of the mail, which confirms that you have earned 0,8 mail points.

Mail status

In addition to the standard marketing emails, we have so-called click-mails which require that the you spend between 15 seconds and 1 minute on one of the links or banner that are being advertised in the email.

Mail status

Thus, in order to receive the points, a link has to be accessed after the email has been opened and read. You will receive the points as soon as the expected mimimum retention time has been reached.

Points have been credited

If you choose to receive advertising emails to an external inbox, make sure that the mail program loads all the pictures and that JavaScript is activated. Otherwise you can not confirm having read the email.

Mail exchange statistics

The statistics to the mail exchange can be accessed through the members area, see Mails > Statistics.

You can find more infos on the mail exchange on eBesucher.

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