ebesucher Addon

Firefox Addon For The Surfbar

The eBesucher Firefox addon is a tool for the Mozilla Firefox browser which enhances the stability and performance of the surfbar.

Important: We are currently working on a new addon. The current addon can only be used with older versions of the Firefox browser.

Installation of The Addon

Step 1

Open Mozilla Firefox and click the Customise button. Next, click on Add-ons.

Install the eBesucher addon

Step 2

You can download the add-on here. Once the link to the add-on has been accessed, a window appears that asks whether the add-on should be installed. Click on Install in order to proceed.

Important: Please use Firefox 52 ESR or an earlier Firefox Version, as the addon will not run in newer version and you will get an error message.

Step 3

The eBesucher add-on has been successfully installed. The eBesucher icon now appear in the top right corner of your browser. It allows you to start and stop the surfbar at any time. The add-on will improve your earnings and increase the stability of the surfbar.

eBesucher Addon installieren

eBesucher Addon Settings

The add-on offers a number of options, which are explained below.

Click on the button to the add-on, a window that lets you control important parameters will appear. First off, it is necessary to enter the respective username or the name of the desired surflink in the field Your Login Name.

Login Name: Username5

Surflink Name: Userame5.Example

More infos on how to hqndle and apply the settings of the surflinks can be found in the members area, see: Surfbar & Clicks > Surflinks.

FAQ for Users