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JavaScript is an object-based scripting language that was initially developed for the Netscape Navigator in 1995. Combined with HTML and CSS, JavaScript provides an advanced functionality for designing a website. Practical areas of application are widespread and allow a webmaster to display dialogue windows or to validate data before it is sent to a server. JavaScript has, contrary to what the name implies, no further connection to the Java programming language.


Salimi88 25.04.2022 10:47
بسیار عالی بود

invincibleconcept 04.04.2022 13:09
Don't know how to use it

Wojtello1 07.03.2022 22:54
Dont know how to use it

PedroNetto2022 24.02.2022 01:11
eu penso que o nosso destino nós construímos sem saber...

teldogg1984 11.02.2022 00:29
we have a very nice time

dohi118 04.01.2022 02:50

vishal_bhardwaj 05.08.2021 12:06
Please be update with program

AdhamKhaled 29.05.2021 02:50
هذا مفيد للعباقره فقط محبي شبكه الانترنت سيقوم هذا البرنامج بمساعدتهم على الفهم في اشياء كثيره

fay123 10.05.2021 10:49
this is for the lovers of javascript

liviu_stoicescu 28.04.2021 20:46
u can code u are good