Use a Basket

Free of Charge

Consider using a basket instead of a shopping cart. Shopping carts are designed in a way which allows the customer to transport as many items as possible. It therefore often appears half empty and subconsciously suggests that you should spend more money and purchase more goods.


Monalin01 14.08.2022 12:26

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Keylantaisigue 11.05.2022 00:34
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FarhadE 04.05.2022 14:14
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FarhadE 04.05.2022 14:13
Keep the environment we have just a one world

sonia_andrei 21.04.2022 07:58
Sempre meglio usarlo

girlblack 15.04.2022 15:58
Topping. Magnificent.

Cibre 12.03.2022 15:35
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aliuzun14 10.03.2022 21:34
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Lilietm123 01.02.2022 09:32
I always use one

Glam85 23.01.2022 00:02
I like it good idea i will tru