Use a Basket

Free of Charge

Consider using a basket instead of a shopping cart. Shopping carts are designed in a way which allows the customer to transport as many items as possible. It therefore often appears half empty and subconsciously suggests that you should spend more money and purchase more goods.


tauqeer_khan 06.04.2020 20:48
This is awesome!

bilal132 23.03.2020 17:11
Good and valuable things

Thrashingron 21.03.2020 09:33
Never used it...allways use a shopping car.

ynnniV 25.02.2020 03:09
LMAO super basket with that 😁

bilal132 22.02.2020 05:45
Very good, I use this every day

xakerbox 17.02.2020 12:19
not bad really to have such basket

Ethanrichardson0 23.11.2019 14:00
Very good, I use this every day

lutherk 25.08.2019 03:41
is nice



ChikaGondwe 14.06.2019 13:13
shops making you speed more than you should

usernae 20.05.2019 17:42
yup! thats so true