Turn Down The Heat

Free of Charge

A rule of thumb says: the costs for heating a home rise by 6% with each additional degree Celsius. It is therefore recommended to turn the heat down and to wear an additional sweater that keeps you warm. However, make sure that your home does not cool down too much, as it else might catch mold.


abd_alhawamdeh 11.10.2021 17:43
good advice ... thank you

gordana_kvolik 05.10.2021 18:28
I made sure of that, burdened myself with things, and said never to cart again

bakhtairlove 28.09.2021 20:33
not usin heaters at home but cool

Prapoorna1980 19.09.2021 18:46
Very Useful tip to save electricity

idrisa47 12.07.2021 22:49
smart and wise advice ,thanks so much

ssnhlabathi 31.05.2021 13:32
good advice thank you

tyf_k_tb 12.05.2021 22:25
جميل للغاية سعيدة بوجودي هنا

tyf_k_tb 12.05.2021 22:25
إنه لأمر رائع التدفئة

NguyenVanHT 12.05.2021 12:08
Very wise piece,never be penny wise

NguyenVanHT 12.05.2021 12:08
Peça muito sábia, nunca seja mesquinho

Estou absolutamente de acordo com este tópico