Avoid Impulse Purchases

Free of Charge

Anyone interested in a product or a service, should first contemplate about the price and consider whether an investment is necessary. It often happens, that a purchase appears less beneficial, if you consider the amount of hours that you have to work in order to refinance your expenses. Especially when it comes to larger purchases, you should give it a little time, so than the right decision can be made.


fastlane 10.06.2020 22:21
Very good advice

william_chintu 03.06.2020 02:40
Knowledge is key

Reawimerus 26.05.2020 16:38
I agree now for that.

mahrukh_azam 29.04.2020 09:34
wowwwwww i like it

JOAJWJOOM 15.04.2020 14:23
Good idea now because of corona virus

kbelecova 04.04.2020 16:45
No more impulsive purchases on my end pals!

kbelecova 04.04.2020 16:42
No more impulsive purchases

DIMITRIOSKLONOS 06.03.2020 02:36
ok that's right........... but i .......!!!!!! why.......?

albert922 20.02.2020 03:52
A very good advice

Vladlen2019 14.12.2019 12:14
This is what constitutes 'knowledge