Thigh stretching

Lie straight on your back and flex the right knee. Encircle your right leg below your knee with both hands and pull it slowly towards your upper body until you feel a stretching impulse. Remain in this position for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise with your left leg.


shramko_anna 11.01.2021 09:19
Oh I missed my Stretching lesson today((

jamalamapili 07.01.2021 17:48
do 20 reps each instead of 15 to get better results

jamalamapili 07.01.2021 17:10
A nice exercise

Josep2 17.12.2020 13:47
A worthy exercise

arashot 04.12.2020 14:26
the exercise that gives you life

CHARLIEKLONE 21.10.2020 14:56
the exercise that gives you life

Pavao 09.09.2020 00:10
A healthy mind in a healthy body

rylol_milguishsn 05.08.2020 20:57
Nice to the body

silvija 17.02.2020 22:09
Dja bolnoj spiny horosho

william_wilkerson 07.02.2020 16:24
Stretching is very good for your muscles