The 'plank' exercise is ideal to strengthen your back muscles. First, get down to the push-up position and then slowly down on the elbows. In this forearm position you keep your whole body tight and absolutely avoid a hallow back. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise when required.


sokurov7a 09.10.2022 23:34
Good for the core.

Rosella16 05.10.2022 23:43
That would be a good exercise..

Aminzeus 26.08.2022 15:57
Exercising for the body

Ming1573 26.03.2022 05:10
Among my favorite sports, my favorite , interesting exercising for the body

KheiPee 28.02.2022 09:20
my favorite exercise ,couse my muscle improvr!

PedroNetto2022 11.02.2022 13:48
isso eu entendo praticava muito no inverno...

WanderWolf 17.01.2022 09:08
easy exercise for better life

Magicmoon 07.01.2022 14:13
Good i like this

sergio_rodrigues 29.08.2021 11:17
Top gostei da dica

Ahmedtawfik 01.06.2021 04:13
Plank make my very good