Neck stretching

You start with the initial position where you have your feet shoulder-width apart. Encircle your left side of your head with your right hand and push your head slightly to bottom right so that you feel the stretch in your neck. After 15 seconds repeat the exercise for the other side.


WanderWolf 17.01.2022 08:54
amazing ešŸ˜œeriance

salehsoltani 13.12.2021 10:03
indeed! this is interesting

ivani_matos 11.08.2021 21:00
I love sport and yoga, it's good for my mind and physical health.

Moein 27.06.2021 08:26
Yes I love it

denny2030 16.06.2021 10:50
best neck exercise workout

Alexait 23.05.2021 15:46
A nice & great exercise

AndresC13 19.05.2021 03:50
Que buenos ejercicios

Gamzenn 06.04.2021 11:24
Boynum iƧin Ƨok uygundu

johannajandusay 29.03.2021 18:04
very good morning exercise

afsaneh_zkh 16.03.2021 10:56
Among my favorite sports, my favorite