Balance exercise 2

Stand up straight and with your legs together. Transfer your weight to your left leg and flex your right knee so that the soles pull against the inner sides of your left thighs. Now flex your left knee slightly and keep your arms folded at chest-height. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise with your right leg.


Chewah 01.11.2023 10:20
Relax move , good and nice one

santosh23 21.10.2022 02:28
Excercise are good for health and mental fitness

gilangagitama 29.08.2022 17:13
healthy body is good

Ded_Alvas 12.03.2022 14:19
Смешно, однако, полезно!

faysam80 01.02.2022 16:02
Buying for good

ahmedpepsi 06.12.2021 05:20
I absolutely love that

Zayedhasan99 28.07.2021 02:57
انا أقوى منك

kawtharkh 11.07.2021 20:54
its relaxing , throwing all the negative energy

EtharA 01.07.2021 10:23
I think it needs strong core

Ahmedtawfik 01.06.2021 04:09
Make me stronger