Balance exercise 1

Stand up straight and with your legs together. Transfer your weight to your left leg and flex your right knee so that the soles pull against the inner sides of your left thighs. Keep your arms folded at chest-height. Remain in this position for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise with your right leg.


jamalamapili 07.01.2021 17:49
hard to balance tho

Erfan8102 05.12.2020 12:01
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

NellyAlyahAmadock 07.09.2020 18:37

zanko 25.08.2020 10:06
This looks really interesting.

taoonjorge 18.08.2020 10:46
Yes I do that!

fabian_kaps 26.07.2020 16:55
I always do learn to balance...more like using your brain to control your body

Emmanuel85 26.07.2020 13:04
i was one one in pic

Abeed 09.07.2020 14:29
very very good.

Dudzlorca1452 13.06.2020 17:00
thats good exercise

Tango7000 04.06.2020 22:08
It's a cool sports