In the late 19th century, swimming has become an Olympic event. The most successful swimmers of recent years come from Australia and the US.

Invented in


Country of origin

United Kingdom

Olympic discipline since



MrBurdwan 01.01.2023 11:50
Swimming is helpful for breath along with chest.

puntualleob 21.11.2022 21:03
good for cardio

puntualleob 21.11.2022 21:03
yeah i like swimm8ng

Rosella16 05.10.2022 23:42
Swimming can help to boost your physical straight and also can help to mobilize your immune system.

rstefa 06.09.2022 10:01
good for health

thomas_bukowski 19.08.2022 06:10
vietnam has some good swimmer

Taalay 05.07.2022 04:44
Очень полезная информация

Keylantaisigue 11.05.2022 00:24
Muy interesante

lincoln_dias 18.10.2021 22:14
faz bem a saude

Ahmedtawfik 01.06.2021 04:16
Omg also a good cardio