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Handball is an indoor team sport. It is very popular in Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Northern Europe), but also in other countries such as South Korea, Qatar, Tunisia or Argentina.

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Mism 31.03.2024 16:34
I love this sport

gozde 23.01.2024 10:28
It's a tough game.

jazdec 18.11.2023 18:32
This is the perfect sport page.

Waranlin 30.10.2023 17:32
one of the best games

Waranlin 30.10.2023 17:29
Handball is mind and physic co related sport

santosh23 21.10.2022 02:29
Great sports and not easy to play

AndrewGal 18.07.2022 15:15
not so easy.. but great sport

Arezou_brv 03.07.2022 20:43
good its nice i like it and i love

Zahra74 29.06.2022 10:56
I like handball

Keylantaisigue 11.05.2022 00:27
Muy buen deporte