Mobile Payment


The mobile payment refers to a payment process which is handled via the mobile phone. In industrialized countries, the mobile payment is still not very developed. Even global players such as Google are looking to team up with partners in order to develop an assertive standard sofware, which is non existent up to today. As a result, very few end-consumers have chosen to participate. However, the mobile payment is a great success story in some African regions. Here, many million people rely on a mobile payment service for already quite some time. In countries such as Kenya, this trend is explained by the fact that many people do not owe a bank account.


Mirna3109 16.04.2024 14:40
El pago movil es genial

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It makes life incredibly easy. but you have to be careful.

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Excelente servicio

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Sounds good and useful.

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as long as im getting paid