Find Bargains With Typos!


Relevant retailers and online auction houses offer a wide range of deals, but it is not always easy to find them. Experienced shopper know how to proceed: by searching for typos, they find items that are overlooked and unrecognized by other potential buyers. It often happens that extreme bargains are hiding behind terms like "sneackers" or "baicicle".


sssuraparaj 23.05.2020 12:28
good info . i would like know more info

Cad1001 07.03.2020 15:21
Há muito que aprender até conseguir se tornar bom nisso.

Malik8639 21.02.2020 00:07
i am not a good shopper

Vitalia78 27.10.2019 10:05
I am not a very e😜erienced shopper

Vitalia78 27.10.2019 10:04
I am not a very e😜erienced shopper

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what am i doing right now

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doesnt this already exist ... fatfingers

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I am not a very e😜erienced shopper

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