Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently without a doubt one of the best professional soccer players worldwide. At Manchester United, the club who signed him at the age of 18, he rapidly developed to a top player. While his football career is brilliant, he seems to have bad luck in his love life: In 2010, Ronaldo made public that he had become father of a son. But it seems kind of odd, that he has the sole custody and that his son will never meet his mother. And in January 2015 his model-girlfriend Irina Shayk broke up with him after a five-year relationship. According to rumors he cheated on her. Well, obviously not always the women are to blame ...


codrin_vasiu 02.11.2023 22:42
i like the article

sadaf23 21.07.2023 01:41
for ever he is the magic feet

BeaBee 02.06.2023 13:16
Magic Feet, Golden Boots... maybe not family man; no one's perfect

quyen8865 05.12.2022 05:30
Cristiano Ronaldo is very good, i like you............

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Wonderfull footbal

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best player everrr

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i like Cristiano Ronaldo

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Favorite player..

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Berry interesting

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He’s a nice player