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The Bible is by far the best selling book of all time. It is estimated that 2-3 billion copies have been sold. For centuries, the Bible has informed about the life of Christ, and thus had an impact on the life of countless people.


diego_santos 04.01.2021 03:03
para quem é religioso é muito bom

ronydada 31.12.2020 21:34
Good religious book

Lamia 25.12.2020 06:07
It good.i love it

wsc1encex 18.11.2020 19:48
Learn, learn, learn

MLBrooks 21.10.2020 10:15
love the smell of the old books

khaled_hamed2030 25.09.2020 09:18
Really good book

liviavick013 02.09.2020 15:07
interessante tudo isso

yudi1981 01.09.2020 20:06
i am Muslim but it's very respectable

Lawalfataikola 23.08.2020 13:48
Good looking great

akhanne 21.08.2020 02:42
There are contradictions and illogical things