Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) should not be longer than two to three pages. The data should be listed in reverse chronological order. This means that the most recent data is stated first. Just as in the cover letter, the CV should be adapted to the open position. This means that only those work experiences, projects, and expertise are listed, which are actually relevant.


akashjam 24.02.2021 16:19
impressive CV is needed for job

Cadamdan 23.01.2021 09:50
To submit a CV for any company, you must be qualified for the specialty that will be presented in it without lying or forgery

Page03 10.01.2021 01:28
Interested knowledge

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its quite interesting

Abrahamcrewz 19.11.2020 13:52
funny thing is i wrote it on my college entrance exams

alexandra_costa 18.10.2020 21:04
currĂ­culo, uma ferramenta de grande importancia na vida do trabalhador

Moyses2000 13.09.2020 22:25
Very good and special

Dsalvador 20.08.2020 14:38
Estou a precisar de renovar o meu curriculum vitae

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got that rule of thumb

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