Water Consumption

House & Garden

In Germany, the average water consumption per capita amounts to around 122 litres (as of 2014). German households thus consume slightly less than 20 years earlier (approx. 142 litres). Most of the water is spent for showering and bathing, for the toilet and for washing. Compared to other countries, the water consumption of German citizens is quite low: the average in Russia is at around 270 liters, in the United States at 290 liters and in Dubai even at 500 liters!


Mirna3109 16.04.2024 14:35
Buenisimo y muy bien hecho

Ashella5 21.03.2024 16:02
use water rationally.save the planet.

abdallah56 16.02.2024 20:20
Keep going Germans. Great job.

gozde 24.01.2024 19:26
Let's protect our world by saving money.

gozde 23.01.2024 11:08
The world is not for us. we need the world. Be good to nature. save water. help nature.

damian_rybinski 21.12.2023 18:55
bardzo interesujace 😄

mrtcmln34 13.12.2023 12:25
hiç yok su yok

AmelRG 29.11.2023 17:44
L'eau c'est la vie, dans 20-30 ans y en aura plus

abderrahim18 16.11.2023 13:43
The life is water

LilyAnuska 10.09.2023 23:13
Preveč uporabljamo vode nismo varčni pri uporabi