Solar Energy

House & Garden

In Germany, private solar power systems are mainly installed on house roofs. Compared to the total energy consumption, solar energy is growing steadily since the beginning of the new millenium. On average, the growth tends to increase by a tenfold every six years! The Renewable Energy Law guarantees a fixed compensation for all grid-connected renewable energy systems in Germany.


elasar68 19.01.2021 10:07
all peapel like solar power

elasar68 19.01.2021 09:59
solar energy is clean energy

virende25988559 02.01.2021 17:35
I like solar power

Abrahamcrewz 19.11.2020 13:59
zambia is all about load shedding so solar is the key

ntnssk 20.10.2020 09:04
Wonderfull source of natural evergy

ZeldaCharlo 02.10.2020 04:11
Would like to install

jddembe1163 27.08.2020 13:35
I prefer using solar power.

Doreenah 26.08.2020 19:01
This is so great.

jddembe1163 19.08.2020 11:30
I also like solar power.

Kinda98 18.08.2020 18:26
very nice, i like it