Remove a Screw Anchor

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How do I remove an old anchor without unnecessarily impairing the wall? It is quite simple: use a corkscrewer to turn the anchor out of the wall. It works perfectly easy and leaves almost no traces!


virende25988559 02.01.2021 17:38
nice tool, thank you

DRE67 01.12.2020 03:19
cool I wish I would've thought of it.

mube555 01.11.2020 02:20
nice tool for convenient way. . .

mube555 01.11.2020 01:26
what an idea .... its common man....

mamoundi 21.09.2020 06:30
thanks so mush for this adversie

russianlu 29.08.2020 08:56
that makes sense

jddembe1163 19.08.2020 10:14
I have also learned that simple advise.

Kinda98 18.08.2020 18:32
nice tool, thank you

jddembe1163 15.08.2020 14:16
I like the shape of that object.

niks_7372 25.07.2020 16:30
I'll try n tell to my friends too.