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Mold usually occurs in places that are moist or clammy, where a rather low temperature prevails and where the heating and ventilation is insufficient. Mold can also be caused by leaky walls. If you are worried that the roof or the façade are leaking, do not hesitate and contact an expert right away in order to prevent further damage. If you have rented the place, contact the property management so they can take care of the situation.


lennykal 25.11.2021 01:41
great information here

gdozee 07.11.2021 18:44
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lopakhin 12.10.2021 15:57
Places rot due to lack of sunlight and heat

luisfalcone 01.09.2021 01:34
eapatula induido y pintura solucion

Harsh98115 04.06.2021 17:53
good for painting

y10k 13.04.2021 07:25
its suitable for painting?

Alysson_franco01 08.04.2021 00:21
mofo e prejudicial !

GabrielSilva 04.04.2021 06:24
the wall looks very old!

GabrielSilva 04.04.2021 06:21
is in need of a new paint

juan_rodriguez13 27.03.2021 04:04
Mofo é toxico e faz mal!