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Many people consider a fireplace a pure delight, especially during autumn and winter. If you decide to build a fire in your fireplace, make sure that the air can escape easily. This will only work if the air in the fireplace is considerably warmer than the air in the environment. It allows the chimney to create a low air pressure, which prevents the smoke from containing the premises (Bernoulli effect).


emporiobux 28.11.2021 13:31
hogar dulce hogar

Grami 15.11.2021 17:18
And it also sets the mood

Atefe72qorbani 23.10.2021 23:16
necessaior em paises frios

Heltonvh 23.10.2021 00:17
es una bela lareira

Syaifudin 10.10.2021 18:12
I like saya ingin memilikinya

Frankito70 29.09.2021 16:59
mucho calor de hogar

luisfalcone 01.09.2021 01:31
el calor del hogar

luisfalcone 16.08.2021 06:36
hogar dulce hogar

Dolfinho 13.06.2021 19:48
Muito bom para uma noite de inverno na serra

stephanie_jones 07.06.2021 18:29
These are great for bad weather