Feng Shui

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Feng Shui is a philosophy from China that intends to harmonize humans with their environment. The goal is to prevent negative energies from taking hold of the premises. Feng Shui is a theory of harmony which has its roots in the concept of the "Qi" (ch'i), the theory of yin and yang, as well as further Chinese philosophy systems.


luzHernandez 16.11.2021 01:49
Me encanta la cultura china

widagdo 19.10.2021 07:16
Keep calm & love

bradlaren123 21.09.2021 20:58
i don't like it

aisse 21.08.2021 06:38

blackscarpo 30.04.2021 18:12

Bell79 26.04.2021 20:49
Sigo algumas teorias de Feng shui.

juan_rodriguez13 17.04.2021 02:03
e muito bara que a energia flua

GabrielSilva 04.04.2021 14:08
I don't like it very much

Rodrigueslopes 31.03.2021 22:15
Não curtu imagens!

Traz algo ruim.....

johannajandusay 29.03.2021 18:18
i always use feng shui