Horoscope for 2016

positive attributes

  • cooperative
  • compassionate
  • idealistic
  • creative
  • pleasing
  • generous
  • tolerant
  • modest
  • harmony-seeking
  • sensual

negative attributes

  • hypersensitive
  • naive
  • unwilling to make decisions
  • undisciplined
  • passive
  • self-pity
  • dreamy
  • introverted

(February 19 - March 20)

This year 2016 may force you to follow a new direction. But think positive: Changes mean new opportunities! You can only ensure your own satisfaction if you know yourself well enough. It is also of particular importance to find a compensation for everyday working life. People from your past may show up in your life again and it is up to you to work off your relicts and to let go. August or September is ideal for a vacation.


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