Horoscope for 2016

positive attributes

  • responsible
  • productive
  • ambitious
  • patient
  • diligent

negative attributes

  • stingy
  • fussy
  • pessimistic
  • stubborn
  • introverted

(December 22 - January 20)

Financially speaking, 2016 will be your year! You act intuitively and make the right choices! In the period from January to March you are full of energy and reach your athletic as well as professional goals. Even if you tend to overburden yourself you also realize when it's the right time to recover. August is ideal for a vacation. Capricorns who are in a relationship will keep enjoying a love affair. From September onwards there will be a particularly harmonious atmosphere. For singles, spring and autumn is the best season where a flirt might develop into a partnership.


avamax 11.06.2020 01:07
I wish i am a patient person

anjum_raj 29.05.2020 05:12
I wish i am a capriocorn bcs introvert

Alex19762004 21.08.2019 21:03
This horoscope is very old!

mron344 19.05.2019 18:22
This horoscope is very old!

allmypets2013 10.12.2018 08:37
Cool. Very interest)!