Horoscope for 2016

positive attributes

  • determined
  • disciplined
  • self-confident
  • brave
  • passionate
  • adventurous
  • resilient
  • assertive
  • direct

negative attributes

  • egoistic
  • disrespectful
  • explosive
  • impatient
  • aggressive
  • impulsive
  • jealous

(March 21 - April 20)

This year offers good opportunities and you can make a big difference! But you need to find a balance between your desire for rapid changes and sticking with your old habits. Do not rush and try to be more patient. From July to September are ideal months for love: partnerships may consolidate and singles should be open to flirt! By the end of the year it' s time to become a bit calmer and relax more.


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vera_sucevic 25.01.2021 15:59
Ovo je baš moj horoskopski znak i sve je tačno što kaže.